CFN Pricing

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Volume Discounts – CFN’s Volume DIscounts reward you for growth. As you reach each volume milestone, your price decreases. Our volume discounts go as high as $0.115 per gallon.

Payment Discounts – CFN’s Payment Discounts reward you for promptly paying your bill (by the 15th) with a $0.03 per gallon discount. We will even give you $0.05 per gallon discount automatically if you sign up for automatic ACH Direct Withdrawl out of any bank account you specify! Depending on your volume, you could save up to $0.165 per gallon.

Price Faxing – At the CFNdesk, every account has an option of having a route planner faxed to them every Tuesday and Friday. The route planner contains sites that you specify and the prices that you will see on your bill at the end of the month. This will enable you to monitor your fuel costs throughout the month and allow you to be proactive in your fleet management.

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