Membership Details

Use the QUICKlinks in the side bar or scroll up/down to find everything you need to know about the CFN Cardlock Program, if you can’t find what you are looking for Contact Us!

Materials – Every account is provided with available materials that CFN has to offer. This includes Detailed Map Books, detailing how to get to every location, Tyvek envelopes for cards, and keychain holders for cards. We might even have some CFN pens we can send your way. Contact us to get a sample of the materials.

Cards – All cards are mailed out first-class the same day they are requested, actual arrival times vary depending upon your location. There is no limit to the number of cards you may request, cancel, update or renew. However, we reserve the right to discuss this with you if you have 2 vehicles and order 100 cards.

Application Processing – Upon receving your application, the general approval time is 7 days. However, if we cannot contact a reference, it may take longer, but you will be notified if a replacement reference is needed.

Daily Account Audit – Every day our customer service department will check your account for things like failures, and wrongs pin #’s. If we suspect one of your cards wil not be able to fuel or we suspect suspicious activity, you will receive a call the following business day.

Quarterly Newsletter and Immediate Updates – Every quarter we send out a CFN Newsletter with Fleet management advice and details about any updates to the CFN program. When supplied with your e-mail address, our customer service department will send you updates as they happen empowering you to use CFN to its full potential.

Fees – Wtih CFN you pay only for the price of fuel! We do not charge any Monthly, Service, Shipping, Handling, Per Card, Per Transaction, Startup, Administrative, or any other fee! If you have any questions about fees, Contact Us!