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Card Restrictions – All restrictions are Per Card and can be set specifically to each Vehicle or Driver’s fueling needs

Vehicle Tank Size – Limit the amount of fuel per transaction to the actual size (volume) of your vehicle’s tank. This feature is a great deterrent of “same transaction skimming”.

Fuel Type – Limit the type of fuel for each specific driver or vehicle.
Stop paying for driver’s accidentally pumping Premium into your vehicles!*

Transactions – Limit the number of transactions allowed per day.
If your vehicle’s only fill up once per day, you can make sure that there are not any “extra” transactions on your invoice by setting your cards to only allow one fill up per day.

Time of Day – Limit the time of day that your cards are valid.
If your vehicles only run from 6 am – 6 pm, then we can set you cards to authorize transactions only within your business hours.

Day of Week – Limit the day of the week your cards are valid.
Does one of your vehicles run only on the weekend? CFN can limit that vehicle or driver’s card to authorize transactions Saturday and Sunday only.

Fueling Location by Type – Limit at what type of cardlock site your cards are valid.
The Commercial Fueling Network has two different types of stations; CFN Cardlock Sites & CFNnet Sites. The CFNnet Sites do not distinguish some card restrictions such as fuel type. CFNnet Sites can be restricted from your cards and your cards can be set to allow CFN Cardlock Sites only.

Fueling Location by State/Province – Limit in what State/Province(s) your cards are valid. If you find that certain states en route are a problem to your bottom line due to high taxes, etc. you can restrict your driver’s use of fueling sites in that state and encourage driver’s to fill up before they cross the state line.